How much will my shipment cost? 

All shipment costs vary as all parcels will have different dimensions.


How many days will it take? 

All shipments have varying arrival and transit times depending on the destination, however we advise you contact us to be given an average transit time. Click here to check.


How can I track my shipment? 

All shipments can be tracked via our website, from the moment it is picked up to the moment it is delivered at its arrival destination. Click here to check.   


Where do we ship?  

We ship to Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Australia. There are over 220 destinations worldwide we can send shipments to. Click here for all our delivery destinations.


Who collects the shipments? 

We have partnerships with multiple couriers, including, DHL, FedEx, DPD and TNT.  


How do I package my shipment? 

At Impact Express we have put together a comprehensive packaging guide, click here. 


If something goes wrong? 

If you have any questions or queries regarding a shipment, call us at HQ on 01753 683700. 


What are duties and taxes?  

Duties and taxes must be paid to ensure the release of goods (this is country dependant).


Who is liable to pay for duties and taxes? 

The receiver of the goods/shipment is liable for paying the duties and taxes, upon arrival of the collection of the goods.  


What does goods value mean? 

The goods value – is the sold price of the goods you are intending to ship.  


Do I need shipment insurance? 

Goods up to a declared value are already covered, additional insurance can be added. If your goods exceed the stated amount, we advise you contact us.  


How much does my used mobile phone cost? 

We recommend you have your phone valued from the original retailer or manufacturer purchased from. We advise you send your used mobile phone with a copy of the original receipt. 


What can Impact Express send? 

We can send a variety of goods, to be clear on what items cannot be sent, click here for our prohibited items list. If you have any questions, please call us on 01753 683700.  


What is a prohibited items?  

Prohibited items are restricted by travel, illegal or prohibited in countries. We advise you familiarise yourself by clicking here. 


Do I need an account to send a shipment? 

Creating an account is the first step of sending a shipment. 

My parcel hasn’t been collected, what should I do? 

Contact us if this happens.


Can I have my package collected? 

We can arrange a DHL courier to collect your package. 


How do I package a mobile phone for shipping? 

We advise you package your mobile phone as small and safely as possible. Have a look at our packaging guide for a step by step information. 


Can I import from countries? 

Yes, we import from over 200 countries.  


How do I book a shipment? 

Bookings are made on our website, via our online booking portal.


Where can I drop my shipment off? 

Click here to find your closest DHL Service Point. 


What are denied parties? 

Click here for our denied parties information.


Can I send large or oversized goods?

Yes, for more information call our office in regards to specific items. Click here for additional information.


What are our opening times?

Monday – Friday

9:30am – 8:00 pm

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