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Best shipping solution for small business

Finding the best shipping solution for a small business is essential for ensuring a cost-effective business model.

The most successful logistical partnerships combine reliability and cost-efficiency with ease of use, flexibility, and excellent customer service.

Qualities to look for in a small business shipping solution

Online interaction

When choosing a courier, look at their website first and get a sense for how easy it is for you to use. Some key considerations include:

  • How easily and quickly you can find the sections and services you need
  • Whether access is provided to a dashboard that allows you to manage your deliveries and associated admin
  • The availability of a well-designed smartphone app to compliment the dashboard or customer portal, so you can manage orders wherever you are.

A DHL cargo plane serving as part of an international shipping solution


Certain functions are also essential when dispatching orders, which the courier’s site should help facilitate. For example:

  • the ability to obtain a quick quote
  • being able to compare services or costs at-a-glance
  • booking shipments
  • printing carrier labels
  • managing customs paperwork
  • tracking deliveries.

This functionality helps ensure compliance (particularly when shipping to the EU).

It can also enhance your customers’ experience; the shipping process will be subject to rigour and transparency, which allows you to demonstrate professionalism and accountability when you receive shipping queries.

Shipping solution service options and flexibility

Shipping and courier requirements for small businesses are diverse. You may have small, regular shipments to send within the UK, big bulky items going to different international destinations or urgent deliveries that need next-day delivery.

Check whether your chosen provider offers e-commerce courier services, express delivery and e-commerce options. You’ll also want to know they can deliver anywhere in the world, so check what delivery destinations they offer.

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Handling dangerous goods

Not every courier can assist with the transportation of dangerous goods, such as mobile phone batteries or dry ice. If you are sending items in this category, ensure your courier has trained dangerous goods staff and is fully compliant with regulations.

E-commerce logistics

If you’re running and growing an e-commerce business from a small office or domestic property, storage and logistics can be a challenge. In these circumstances, you need a shipping partner who can offer fulfilment services.

The best shipping providers can store, pick-pack, send and manage your shipments. Other benefits, such as discounts for bulk shipments and effective returns solutions, may also be offered.

Reliability and speed of shipping solution

You need to know that your parcel will arrive safely. That means being able to track your parcel throughout its entire transit. Choose a courier who can push tracking notifications to your smartphone or dashboard, so you’re always up to date.

Although it’s not always about the speed, you will want a courier who can deliver when time is of the essence. That means choosing a courier who can offer fast international deliveries: from overnight to the US to two-day delivery further afield.

Small business owner tracking consignment delivery on smartphone



You need to be confident that your courier can offer competitive shipping rates. In addition, you may also need some flexibility when it comes to price.

A choice between standard and express delivery can make a difference when shipping in bulk. Options that add value, such as a parcel drop-off or collection service, can also help keep overall costs down. However, don’t compromise on the quality of the service.


Finally, before you make your decision, check what other businesses have been saying about your chosen courier. Are they represented in reviews on a platform like Trustpilot? Do they have an active social media presence? What do people say about them in testimonials?

Choosing a shipping partner your small business can rely on

At Impact Express we offer a premium selection of courier shipping and fulfilment services at affordable price points. Working successfully with trusted courier partners, we provide reliable standard and express delivery services to domestic and global destinations.

All consignments benefit from full end-to-end tracking, with updates accessible through our mobile app and online dashboard for ease of management.

In addition, our staff are fully trained to handle dangerous goods. We also offer comprehensive e-commerce fulfilment solutions for businesses in need of logistics support.

For more information on our complete range of services, get in touch today. Call +441753 693700 or email [email protected].

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