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Sending 5, 10,20, 100, 500 or more parcels per day, you can save time, money and benefit from enhanced delivery services with Impact Express.

Impact Express free to use multi carrier shipping software gives you access to national and global services with discounted rates from selected carriers such as DHL, DPD, Hermes, DHL Parcel, FedEx. 

Why switch to Impact Express? 

  • Free to use multi carrier software enables you to print labels for multiple carriers, set custom shipping rules for fast accurate shipping.
  • Order management software connects to all popular sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, OnBuy and more. Our order sync function will save you time loading orders, you can set advanced rules to automate the process so that each SKU can be sent on its own individual service or carrier if required.
  • Looking for API connectivity, The Impact Express API is our simple single format REST API integration makes it simple to integrate your application into the IE API. Once connected you will be able to automatically print labels to any of your selected carriers with Impact Express.

Tracking Support

In addition to our Carrier Software we offer Customer Service Tracking support, Impact Express provides our clients with assistance should an item have a delay in transit, a customs or an address issue. We will deal with the carrier to solve the issue on your behalf so you can concentrate on your business and not deliveries.

E-commerce Fulfilment Services

Our Fulfilment team is available to offer a broad range of fulfilment services which can be specifically designed to your exact needs. Perfect for companies looking to outsource their storage and shipping needs, idea for apparel, small products, gifts, homewares and subscription boxes.. Our services include Pick and Pack, warehousing/storage and e-commerce delivery management.

Express, Economy or Mail Services

We have a range of services available to you, we have carefully chosen the best in service carriers to suit your needs. You can select the most appropriate service for you shipment, whether that be International Express, Economy, IE-Direct or IE Trax Global Mail or UK Next Day or 2-3 Day, we have the perfect service for you.


Complete our Get a Quote form and we will contact you straight away to help set you up. You can be shipping within 24 hours of your enquiry.


Connecting Global Markets

            Connecting UK retailers to over 220 destinations across the globe. Our comprehensive Express delivery service offers retailers an affordable fully tracked delivery option which provides higher services levels closing the gap between customer expectation and retailer demands.

How We can Help

  • Impact Express has unrivalled expertise in the global delivery industry, ensuring e-commerce delivery expectations are met every time.
  • We connect your business to new, international markets across the world.
  • Impact Express make global parcel delivery as accessible and easy to understand as domestic delivery services.
  • With no caps or restrictions on shipping destinations, no minimum number of shipments to keep a rate with us. We always strive to give the most competitive and affordable rates

If you need a quote on a specific destination, complete out Get A Quote page today,