Impact Express Rate Increase 2024

Impact Express GPI Rate Increase

We are already approaching the end of 2023, time is flying by and at Impact Express we have entered our 18th year of business? Honestly, we would struggle to name another year with quite as many challenges as this one just past. However, we must look forwards positively for 2024. Although the landscape and services may be changing, we are closing the gap on our competitors, and we continue to provide a higher service levels and customer experience. We will be looking to continue improving and growing throughout 2024, if you have any additional business we can assist you with please get in touch and where possible and we will do everything we can to support your growth too in 2024.

Our agents have all indicated that their pricing will increase by the following percentages, we will as always be applying the same increases to your rate cards for 2024.

  • DHL rates to increase 6.9%
  • UPS rates to increase by 6.7% 
  • FedEx rates to Increase by 7.5%

Carrier Specific Updates

Updated DHL Away services for third party sending to include drop-off option online to DHL depot and service locations and all collected shipments will be charged a fixed fee from Jan 1st.  

In additional, DHL is set to remove the ESS (Essential security Fee) on 1st April 2024. We will be pushing the other carriers for similar updates in the new year.


FedEx have announced they will be removing the demand surcharge from January 1st 2024.

We are looking to add a new Worldwide Economy service for small-medium size/weight parcels in the new year, this again will be communicated asap.

UPS offer drop off to depots across the country and Access Points. We can also arrange collection (fee applies) from any third party across the UK either same day or next day.

The increase in is place for all discounted rates and agreements. All customer pricing will be available online.

If you would like a rate sheet or to open an account please contact us today and we will have new 2023 rate cards available in mid December.




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