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Famous for its bustling night markets, amazing street food, lantern festivals, skyscrapers and incredible landscape, Taiwan is a compelling destination with a historically strong economy.


We offer competitive shipping rates to Taiwan and a choice of delivery options: whether you’re posting to Taipei, Taichung, or Keelung

Shipping to Taiwan: our services

We offer different delivery services to Taiwan, depending on your desired delivery window or budget, including Express and Standard delivery options.

We’ve also made sure our services our very easy to use. Depending on the type of account you have with us (business or personal) you can either drop your parcel off at a designated point or arrange for it to be picked up.

Once we have your parcel, we’ll ensure it makes its way safely to its destination, whether that’s Hualien City on the east coast or the massive port of Kaohsiung in the south. 

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Parcel packaging for shipping to Taiwan

Your parcel has a long journey to make, so it is important to ensure it is securely wrapped. Use internal containers where necessary and make sure your external packaging is robust. Always use proper packaging tape and make sure your parcel is clearly labelled.

We provide print-at-home labels which should be securely and clearly affixed to the largest side of the parcel, to help your courier get it to the recipient. We’d also always recommend including a return address – just in case.

Our courier partners will take great care of your parcel, but unnecessary delays can be avoided if your parcel is correctly labelled and packaged.

Taiwanese customs restrictions

As with all overseas destinations, Taiwan has strict customs
regulations restricting what you can bring in and out of the country –
including via post.

Check with the relevant authorities before sending any item abroad.

This is not an exhaustive list. Always check the regulations for your destination before sending your parcel.

For a full list of goods and products banned from shipping with Impact Express, please see our prohibited items section.

Taiwanese authorities place restrictions and limitations on
many goods, including:

  • ammunition
  • animal skins
  • publications with obscene content
  • coffee and tea
  • electronics

why choose IMPACT express?

Our team has been fulfilling orders, delivering personal packages and maintaining reputation since 2005. With our track order for reliability you can trust us to deliver.

How much does posting to Taiwan cost?

At Impact Express we are proud to offer some of the cheapest postage rates available. Of course, the exact cost of your shipping will depend on the weight and size of your parcel, as well as your chosen delivery service. You can get a reliable price by using our online quote tool.

If you are posting items of value, we also offer insurance options for an extra fee.




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