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How much does international shipping cost?

The world is shrinking. Chances are you have customers, family or friends spread across the world. You need to be confident that any items entrusted to international shipping arrive safely. However, you also don’t want it to cost the earth.

When it comes to international delivery, there is a need to balance premium pricing with the straightforward pragmatism demanded by customers’ budgets, and the demands of a globalised economy. Therefore, understanding the costs of international shipping is a good place to begin the process of choosing a service that works for you.

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International shipping rates

International shipping costs vary from the tens to hundreds of pounds. You may also find significant differences in pricing from courier to courier. There are several reasons for this.

Shipping destination

The further away or more remote the destination, the higher the potential price for delivery will be. This comes down to the time and cost of the logistics involved. There’s a big difference between getting a parcel from London to Paris and sending a parcel from a quiet corner of Scotland to a remote corner of Patagonia.

Parcel dimensions

Volume and weight are important considerations. The larger and heavier the parcel, the more it will cost to send. However, couriers are normally more cost efficient than Royal Mail when it comes to larger, bulkier items.

International shipping speed

Many couriers will offer express delivery to popular destinations. For parcels sent to America or western Europe, there is often a next-day delivery option available. For Australia, a two-day delivery service is a common possibility. But while providing an efficient solution, your parcel will cost more to send.

Setting up a partnership with a courier

If you are a business and sending more than one parcel, you may find that a courier will be able to provide special rates to reflect the volume of items you are sending. Partnering with a courier is a great way to guarantee a good delivery service from an organisation you trust, and which understands what you need to achieve.

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Alternative modes of transport

For most packages, a standard courier service is sufficient. However, for some bulkier items, you might consider sending by rail or by ship as a cost-effective alternative.

Surcharges and extras

When calculating shipping costs, it is also important to also bear in mind that there could be additional charges to pay.

All international shipping will normally be subject to a fuel surcharge. As fuel prices change all the time, transport costs also change to reflect this.

Other surcharges may exist to cover a range of exceptions:

  • delivery to a remote area
  • weekend delivery
  • address correction
  • unusual parcel size or excessive weight
  • emergency situations
  • high-risk items or delivery requirements.

In addition, an extra fee may be charged to cover insurance and VAT payments.

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Online price promises

It is possible to get instant guidance on shipping prices from the web. For example, many couriers provide a headline promise like the following:

Send a parcel to the USA from only £16.88!

Be aware that these types of statements are for guidance only. The price may or may not be applicable to your parcel. The final cost to you will depend on the criteria listed above.

When surcharges and extras have been added, and the type of delivery service has been chosen, the actual price may be quite a bit more than the advertised price.

Get an international shipping quote now

Every parcel is different, as are the circumstances for sending them. This means shipping rates will differ from one consignment to the next.

At Impact Express, we can provide an immediate and accurate quote for all international deliveries via our online quote service. We offer a comprehensive range of delivery solutions to suit your needs and budget. Thanks to our authorised partnership with DHL, you can also be assured that your parcel will be fully tracked and securely delivered.

There is no obligation when you receive a quote from us, and we pride ourselves on providing competitive international shipping rates to all destinations.

If you’d like to hear more about the services we offer, or want to speak to someone about partnering for a customised delivery arrangement, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

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