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Which international courier is best?

The best couriers can be identified through the range and reliability of services they offer, as well as the positivity of the reviews they receive. They will generally allow tailoring of certain service features to fit the needs of customers, while offering baseline budget options that are consistent and efficient.

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Services and features of the best couriers

End-to-end tracking

It’s important to be able to track your parcel throughout its journey. Good couriers offer direct notifications to their customers or access to an online portal that allows the customer to check delivery progress themselves.

Shipping destinations

International couriers should offer delivery to a wide range of destinations. Some may offer specialised services for specific regions, for example North America or Europe, while others may cover multiple continents.

While some locations may be harder to access due to geographical or infrastructural challenges, reliable international couriers can reach remote areas or advise on how to get your delivery closest to its preferred destination.

Competitive pricing

Many couriers offer different delivery service levels to suit different budgets or requirements. Value-added options such as express delivery, door-to-door delivery or specialist handling can be added if necessary. However, the standard service should ensure a reliable timeframe and success rate for delivery.

Delivery speeds

Options to expediate your shipment should be available if you require them.

You should expect quality courier services to offer express delivery times ranging from overnight to popular shipping destinations such as the USA and western Europe, through to two working days for farther afield regions such as Asia and Australia.

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Customs arrangements

The efficiency of customs procedures at the destination country can affect shipping times. However, a dependable courier will offer to mitigate potential delays.

Assistance could be as simple as providing links on the courier’s website to the correct electronic declaration forms, and collecting any taxes or duties in advance.

Your courier may also send a message to the recipient with advice to help them arrange customs clearance ahead of time on their end, if appropriate.

How the best couriers ship dangerous goods

Some couriers may offer specialist transportation services, such as delivering dangerous goods. To operate this type of service, they will need specially trained staff and an understanding of the regulations governing the movement of dangerous freight over land, sea, and air.

Laptop battery -- a dangerous item that the best couriers can deliver

Accessible customer support

A courier that wishes to gain repeat custom and deliver on customer satisfaction will need to provide access to support that can be reached when the customer requires it. This can be delivered over the phone, via email or web and mobile apps.

Support options should facilitate the customer’s need to amend a delivery or raise issues, with as little delay as possible between raising a support request and providing a response.

Sending international deliveries through the best couriers

At Impact Express, we offer fully tracked delivery to over 220 countries worldwide. Competitive next-day express delivery is available to the USA and western Europe, next morning for central Europe, and delivery in two working days to Asia and Australia.

Our staff are trained to handle dangerous goods. This means we ship a variety of items other international couriers are forced to refuse. You can track them the moment they leave our warehouse.

Use our instant quote tool or contact us directly for a more accurate figure. Our website also provides information on the various international delivery services we offer.

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