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What is the cheapest courier?

Although there is no one single answer to the question of which courier is the ‘cheapest’ (mainly because every parcel or shipment will cost a different amount to send, based on a variety of factors) our aim in this post is to outline how you may find the best deal for your situation.

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Courier cost comparisons

When you attempt to obtain a delivery quote, you’ll be asked some generic questions about your parcel. For example:

  • the parcel’s dimensions and weight
  • the destination – UK or abroad
  • whether you have multiple parcels to send
  • If it should be classified as a ‘small parcel’ or ‘letter’
  • If you intend to send a pallet

You may also need to supply accurate dimensions if you’re sending overseas.

If you’re sending a parcel within the UK, you will be offered dozens of options. These may include services such as next-day delivery, two-day delivery , or longer.

When you’ve selected your delivery option, you will then be shown a number of quotes for different courier companies.

Choosing a courier

Before deciding on a courier, consider what you need for your circumstances. Don’t automatically jump at the cheapest quote. The following is a list of some of things to think about.

Delivery service

Do you want your item delivered next day, or will two- or three-day delivery suffice?

Next-day delivery

If you want your parcel delivered the next day, the day you are sending and what time of day your parcel will be ready are important factors. If it’s a Friday, you may have to pay a premium for a weekend delivery. You may also want to pay a little more if you parcel isn’t going to be ready until later in the afternoon, but you still want it delivered the next day.

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Collection and drop-off options

You may need to decide whether you want your parcel to be collected from you, if you want it delivered door-to-door, or whether delivery to a collection point would be sufficient.


Not all couriers include full tracking as part of the initial price; some may not provide full tracking or any tracking at all. You need to be confident that your tracking service is reliable, accurate, and efficient, and that a robust process will be in place to deal with any issues if a package goes missing.

Paperwork and labels

Some couriers will help with labels and paperwork so that you can print out your own. This can be an advantageous if you are time poor. For example, when sending multiple parcels, you may find the time spent on labelling is detrimental to overall productivity. In addition, changes to the import and export process brought about by Brexit has increased admin and paperwork.


Many courier quotes include two figures: one with insurance protection, and another without. Depending on the importance and value of the parcel, you may want to consider opting for coverage if there is a significant risk attached to shipping.

Overseas deliveries

When considering the above, you should also consider how far your package has to travel. A regional next-day delivery is a different risk prospect to sending a parcel halfway across the world.

Parcel damaged in transit

All-round convenience

A cheap courier quote is no good if your package fails to arrive or is damaged in transit. Ensure that you use an experienced, reliable courier company which places emphasis on your convenience. For example, Impact Express provides an easy-to-use mobile app which you can use anywhere to manage your deliveries.

Opt for a quality delivery service

Need a reliable and competitive courier service to supplement your business logistics needs? Want to be confident that your packages will be delivered on time, every time? At Impact Express, we ship to 220 countries worldwide, including next-day delivery to the United States and Europe. We also offer a variety of fully tracked shipping services, with optional insurance, to match the requirements for all consignments and maintain customer expectations.

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