Multiple forms of transport involved in international shipping deliveries

Cheapest international shipping from the UK

When sending items overseas, you may want to find the cheapest international shipping option. The good news is that a range of options exist.

Aircraft being loaded with packages for international shipping destinations

International shipping methods

The speed of delivery and the destination of your item will directly influence the cost. Before considering your options, you will need to know:

  • your parcel’s weight and size,
  • how quickly you want your item to arrive.

Remember: if your parcel is sent outside the EU, it will also be subject to customs charges.

Levels of service

Always check what is included in the price. Bear in mind that the cheapest shipping option may not actually be the best.

While you will always want your parcel to arrive safely, you may also want to track your parcel on its journey. Not all couriers will include full tracking in the price.

Other factors that could affect the cost of the service you choose include:

  • insurance
  • the convenience of parcel collection and drop-off options
  • smart labelling

Parcel damaged during international shipping transit

Speed of international shipping deliveries

Even when shipping internationally, most couriers offer a range of delivery timescales. These usually include:

  • urgent overnight deliveries (to parts of Europe and the USA)
  • ‘before lunchtime’ deliveries
  • weekend deliveries
  • remote location deliveries

For places further afield, the fastest option may be two-day delivery.

While you can shop around for the cheapest option, the faster the delivery, the more likely it is to incur additional expense.

You may be able to find highly competitive surface rail, road or sea shipping to a destination for a fraction of the cost of express airmail. However, these will nearly always take longer to arrive.

Discounted rates

Finally, you also need to factor in whether your chosen courier is able to offer any discounts, like wholesale rates for those making frequent or bulk-size shipments.

A good courier will be able to offer you some flexibility by working with the most reliable and reputable of courier partners.

Courier preparing a pallet for international shipping

Choosing your international shipping partner

To take advantage of the most competitive shipping costs, while also enjoying a high quality, reliable service, we recommend you partner with a reputable courier service.

Impact Express is one of the foremost international courier services working with large and small businesses across the UK.

As a DHL authorised service partner, we provide next-day delivery to the USA and major European cities. Our express delivery network services over 220 destinations worldwide.

We offer a range of additional logistical options, designed to streamline your transnational operations, including:

We can work with you to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective international shipping from the UK.

For an accurate quote, get in touch or use our online quote tool.

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