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Lithuania’s thriving economy has made the country a destination of interest for businesses and tourists alike. There’s something for everyone: from the popular spa town of Druskininkai to the medieval city of Kernavė.

At Impact Express, we offer competitive shipping rates to anywhere in Lithuania, whether you’re posting to Kaunas, Šiauliai, or Panevėžys.

Shipping to Lithuania: our services

We offer a range of delivery services to Lithuania, designed to match your needs in terms of speed and cost. These include standard and express delivery options.

At Impact Express, we make shipping simple. You can arrange to have your parcel collected or take it to a designated drop-off point, depending on whether you have a business or personal account with us.

From there, our trusted courier partner will take your parcel safely to its destination – whether that’s the seaport of Klaipėda or the capital city of Vilnius.

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Parcel packaging for shipping to Lithuania

While our couriers take the best possible care of your shipment, proper parcel packaging is always the first and best line of defence against damage or breakage during transit.

Choose a robust outer container, close in size to the contents and pad the inside. This will help minimise movement during transit. Place your goods inside and seal with secure parcel tape.

Affix the print-at-home label provided to the largest side of the parcel. Clear labelling helps avoid unnecessary delays and aids the courier with safe delivery.


Include a return address on your parcel too, just in case.

Lithuanian customs restrictions

Lithuania is subject to the same strict customs regulations
as other EU member nations. These apply to goods brought into the country,
including those arriving via mail services.

Check with the relevant authorities before sending any item abroad.

Some items are banned from shipping with Impact Express. Please see the prohibited items list for a complete rundown of affected goods.

Brexit has changed how shipping to Europe operates. Our online booking process allows you to add all necessary customs information, to prevent any delays or concerns upon arrival.

Restrictions are placed on many goods entering Lithuania. These include:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • meat, milk, and dairy products
  • protected species and items made from them, including clothing

why choose IMPACT express?

Our team has been fulfilling orders, delivering personal packages and maintaining reputation since 2005. With our track order for reliability you can trust us to deliver.

How much does posting to Lithuania cost?

Shipping internationally incurs higher fees than domestic shipping. Fortunately, we are able to offer some of the most reasonable shipping rates available for European deliveries.

Your chosen delivery service and the dimensions of your parcel will affect the cost of shipment. Please use our online quote tool to receive a realistic estimate.

If you are sending valuable items, we can also offer insurance options for an additional fee.




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