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Whether they’re in the country for sunshine and thermal springs, or contractual discussions with the established car manufacturing sector, there is a host of reasons for people to visit and do business in Serbia.

At Impact Express, we offer competitive shipping rates to a range of key destinations across Serbia, from the capital city Belgrade to smaller provincial centres such as Pirot.

Shipping to Serbia: our services

We offer a selection of delivery services to Serbia. The breadth of options is designed to match your budget and the time required for delivery. Standard and express delivery options are available.

At Impact Express, shipping is arranged with your convenience in mind. You can have your parcel collected from the premises, or you can drop it off at a designated location, depending on whether you have a business or personal account with us.

From there, our courier partners will take your parcel safely to its destination – whether that’s the European Capital of Culture Novi Sad or the spa town of Čačak.

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Parcel packaging for shipping to Serbia

Our couriers will do their best to carefully transport your package. However, it is still important to ensure your item is correctly packaged to protect against damage during transit.

Select a durable container that isn’t much bigger than the item itself, and then pad the interior. This will reduce the amount of unwanted movement that occurs while the package is in transit. Seal the package with secure parcel tape, so that items do not fall out accidently.

A print-at-home label will be provided, which should be affixed to the largest side of the parcel. This will reduce the chances of the parcel being undelivered or meeting with unnecessary delays.

You should also include a return address with the package, just in case.

Serbian customs restrictions

As with a lot of other European nations, Serbia has placed strict regulations on what can be brought into and out of the country. This also applies to items shipped by mail.

Check with the relevant authorities before sending any item abroad.

Some items are banned from shipping with Impact Express. Please see our prohibited items list for a full breakdown.


You can add all necessary customs information when creating your online shipping profile, to avoid delays at customs.

Some of the goods restricted by Serbian authorities include:

  • alcohol
  • firearms
  • live animals
  • antiques

why choose IMPACT express?

Our team has been fulfilling orders, delivering personal packages and maintaining reputation since 2005. With our track order for reliability you can trust us to deliver.

How much does posting to Serbia cost?

International shipping is generally more expensive than sending items within the UK. However, we offer reasonable and competitive shipping rates to most European destinations.

The service you opt for, and the size and weight of your parcel, will impact on the final cost of shipping. Please use our online quote tool for a reference price, prior to shipping.

If you are sending valuable items, we can provide insurance for an additional fee.




By following the links below you can find further information and resources regarding our speciality services, parcel guides, and tracking information.


By following the links below you can find further details breaking down shipping information, guides on sending parcels nationally and internationally, and general service help.


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