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At Impact Express we offer delivery to over 200 worldwide destinations on all continents. Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and USA are all prime shipping destinations. Browse through our popular destinations and get the affordable shipping rates. We offer delivery services to remote areas. We also have a list of remote areas, be sure to check this out. Prices are subject to international fuel surcharge – for the latest fuel surcharge Click Here. Non Document charges for shipments up to 2Kg outside the EU. VAT Applicable for all shipments due to the UK and the European Union.

Shipping to the United States of America
Shipping to Canada
Shipping to France
Shipping to Germany
Shipping to Italy
Shipping to Spain
Shipping to Australia
Shipping to Sweden
Shipping to Hong Kong
Shipping to Japan
Shipping to New Zealand
Shipping to The United Arab Emirates
Shipping to South Korea
Shipping to Thailand
Shipping to Pakistan
Shipping to China
Shipping to Portugal
Shipping to India
Shipping to Mexico
Shipping to Brazil
Shipping to South Africa

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