Mobile Phone Packaging Guide

Mobile Phone Packaging Guide

At Impact Express, we are a certified dangerous goods courier. This enables us to send and receive mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops. All of which contain lithium batteries. We understand the importance of delivering your shipments safely, they need to be packaged properly. Follow these steps to avoid potential damage.  

What will you need? 

    • Access to a printer 
    • Durable cardboard box 
    • Parcel tape 
    • Box fillers 
  • Protective materials (newspaper, tissue paper) 

Step 1 

Have an appropriate sized box or bubble wrapped envelope is essential. Place mobile phone in the box to ensure that it fits. The extra space will allow you to protect your goods further.  

Step 2 

To protect the mobile phone, we advise you package the phone in the original manufacturers box before placing it in the shipping box as this will allow an extra layer of protection. If you do not have the original box, we then advise you wrap the mobile phone in bubble wrap to ensure the phones surfaces are not exposed.  

Step 3 

Place the phone in the cardboard shipping box. Start to fill the surrounding areas of the box. This can prevent the goods from moving around in transit. We suggest you use polystyrene ships or dividers to fill the void space. After the box has been packed, it’s time to seal the box. Use strong parcel tape to secure all edges of the cardboard box. 

Step 4 

An important step of the process is gathering the shipments dimensions. Weigh and measure after sealed. If you do not have scales, we advise you weight the box on kitchen scales and use a measuring tape.  

Step 5 

You will need to attach the delivery labels we supply to you. We always email the shipper their labels. You must print and place the label on the most visible surface of the box. We advise you use strong tape to adhere the label to the shipment. Ensure all text on the shipping label is legible. If you do not have any clear tape handy and have arranged for a DHL courier to collect your parcel, the drivers always carry a clear documents sticker. We advise that you hand write the delivery address on the box, and the sender contact number, in the unlikely event that the label may become damaged or removed whilst in transit. 

Step 6 

It’s time to start your parcels journey. You can drop your parcel off to your closest DHL Service Point or we can arrange a DHL courier collection from your work or home address. We always aim to give a 1-4 hour window for all DHL courier collections.  Remember to hand over the archive label to the DHL driver. Click here to find the nearest DHL Service Point. 

Step 7 

Once the shipment has been received by DHL, you can then track its journey via our easy to use online portal. Just enter your airway bill number for updates. Click here to track your parcel.

Other useful information  

*Impact Express are not liable for any damages or lost goods.

*Reusing a cardboard box

  • Previous labels to be removed
  • Must be in a good condition to reuse

*Labels stating “Fragile” and “This way up” can be placed on exterior cardboard boxes, we advise to appropriately pack and wrap goods as damage may occur.

*All materials listed above can be purchased at your local post office, or stationary store.

*Be aware that Impact Express has a strict prohibited items list. Visit our prohibited items page by clicking here

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