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Service Level Agreement and Shipment Surcharge Information - Effective 1st Jan 2018

Dangerous Goods Information

Remote Area Delivery

An International remote area delivery or collection is defined by a post code (or town in the absence of a post code) that is determined as difficult to serve or too distant. Applies to the destination address for exports, the origin address for imports and both the origin and destination addresses for Third Country shipments. To check if the Remote Area Service applies to a post code or town name, please visit the Capability Tool (DCT) at

Lithium Batteries Section II (P1966, 969) 

The Handling and transportation of Shipments containing Lithium Ion Batteries compliant with the appropriate IATA Packing Instructions (P1966, 969) either on our suppliers air or road networks or on commercial airlines.

Lithium Batteries Section 1B, II (P1965) 

The handling and transportation of shipments containing loose Lithium Ion Batteries compliant with the appropriate IATA packing Instructions (P1965) on the DHL air network.

Dangerous Good Surcharge 

The handling and transportation of substances and commodities classified as Full Dangerous Goods either on our suppliers air or road network or on commercial airlines. Comprises Full IATA Dangerous Goods to the limits of ADR (Accord Dangerous Routier) Limited Quantities (LQ).

Excepted Quantities 

The handling and transportation of substances and commodities classified as Excepted Quantities in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and permitted on passenger aircrafts or in accordance with ADR.

Limited Quantities by Road 

The ground handling and transportation of substances and commodities classified as Limited Quantities to the limits of ADR (Accord Dangerous Routier) that are prohibited for air transportation 

Dry Ice UN1845

The provision, handling and transportation of Dry Ice (UN1845) used as a cooling agent for non-dangerous goods on either the DHL air or road network or commercial airlines. Can include replenishment during transit.

Security Services Information

*Both charges will apply per shipment

Restricted Destination Surcharge 

Covers the exceptional handling required to service destinations that are subject to trade restrictions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. The Charge applies to outbound non document shipments to Central Africa, ivory Coast, Dem Rep of Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan*, Syria* and Yemen.

Elevated Risk Surcharge  

Covers additional security measures for handling outbound and inbound shipments in countries that are in continuous threat of war, civil unrest or threat of terrorism. The Charge is currently in place for outbound, inbound and 3rd country shipments for Afghanistan*, Burundi, Iraq*, libya, Syria*, Mali, Niger and Yemen.

Exporter Validation Surcharge 

Exporter Validation Surcharges apply when shipping to a country that is subject to trade restrictions imposed by a national legislation such as the EEAS or OFAC, The charge is for outbound non-docs only to Afghanistan*, South Sudan, Belarus, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Lebanon.

Other Information

Address Correction 

A Fixed Surcharge is applied to any shipment that has an incorrect delivery address at the time of pickup and the delivery cannot be fulfilled after making efforts at the destination to determine the correct address.

Data Entry 

A surcharge applies for each shipment consigned with non-electronic, paper based manual house waybills not entered onto our online booking facility with a pre alert manifest sent prior to shipment arrival or without EDI transmitted information being received prior to arrival. Login information is available on request.

Shipment Insurance - Charged by Shipment Value 

The provision, at individual shipment level, of declared value coverage above Standard Liability for the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment in the event of physical loss or damage.

Surcharge Cost
(Per Shipment, Unless Stated Otherwise)

Special Delivery by 09:00
Tariff + £20.00
Special Delivery by 12:00
Tariff + £10.00
Saturday Delivery
Remote Area Delivery£0.38 per Kg, Subject to a minimum charge of £19.00
Over Size/Weight Surcharge£70.00
Non-Stackable Pallet Surcharge£130.00
Address Correction£10.00
Free Domicile (DDP Delivery Duty Paid)£20.00 + Local Taxes and Duties
Volumetric and Dead Weight Charges5000:1 (length x width x height / 5000 = cm³) 
Restricted Destination Surcharge£22.00
Elevated Risk Surcharge£15.00
Exporter Validation Surcharge£22.00
Lithium Batteries - 1 x battery and must be contained in the device it intends to powerStandard Tariff
Lithium Batteries Section II (P1966, 969)£10.00
Lithium Batteries Section IB, II (P1965)£85.00
Dangerous Goods Surcharge£85.00
Excepted Quantities£10.00
Limited Quantities by Road£32.00
Dry Ice UN1845£16.00
Data Entry£2.00
Shipment Insurance - Charged by Shipment ValuePercentage of replacement / declared value with: £18 or 3% of stated shipment value if higher
Fuel SurchargeCalculated Monthly and posted at


A PDF Version of this information is also available, click here to download the service info.

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