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Arranging a next day delivery

For those times when you need a package to arrive quickly, there are courier services that facilitate next day delivery as a premium service.

DHL courier airliner used to carry next day delivery packages

Next day delivery speeds

Even within the context of a next-day delivery, there are a range of options. For example, at Impact Express overnight UK deliveries can be guaranteed to arrive by 9am, 12 noon, or simply ‘within 24 hours’, with fees decreasing for longer delivery windows.

We also offer a next-day service to the United States, and next morning to western and central European destinations. However, it should be noted that delays can sometimes occur at customs or when handling dangerous goods shipments.

Much of the process for international deliveries is the same as domestic overnight services – the main difference being the research the customer will need to commit to when determining the customs regulations for the destination country.

Preparing for dispatch

To begin the shipping process, select a parcel or courier service that offers the delivery speed you require. The next step is to package the item for shipment.

Properly package the parcel

Find a strong outer container (usually a cardboard box) as close in size to the item being shipped. Pad items smaller than the outer container to minimise the chance of damage caused by the items shifting in transit.

Once in the box, secure with parcel tape along the seams. This protects the contents from falling out.

International next day delivery that has cleared customs

Supply accurate shipping information

Clearly address the package and include a return address for the sender. Include sender details inside the parcel too. This can help with identification if the exterior packaging is damaged.

Once ready, take accurate measurements of the parcel’s dimensions (length, height, and width) and weight. These will need to be supplied to the courier, either through their online booking portal or over the phone, for a shipping quote.

Include all information legibly and accurately. Checking customs regulations for international destinations will also help expediate delivery.

Dispatching the parcel

You will need to instruct the courier as to which delivery service is required (i.e. next day delivery). Once this information is submitted a booking request will be created.

Your parcel may be collected by the courier or left at a designated drop-off point, depending on what your courier can offer. Here at Impact Express, you can drop-off your parcel at our Heathrow depot as late as 7:30pm to make the next day.

Once collected, the parcel is scanned and sorted at a warehouse before being dispatched.

If your business is likely to ship large volumes repeatedly – e.g. in the case of e-commerce fulfilment – it may be possible to negotiate bulk rates with the courier, or even arrange regular or daily collections.

Tracking a next day delivery in transit

A message will be sent to the recipient with advice for tracking the delivery. With reputable couriers, full tracking will be available, through a parcel delivery app or online portal.

Van carrying domestic next day delivery parcels

Efficient and cost-effective next-day delivery

Here at Impact Express, we offer both international next-day delivery and overnight domestic delivery services. While overnight delivery may not be possible for more distant or remote locations, most areas can be reached within 2-3 working days.

We include full tracking as standard and offer additional insurance for high value items for peace of mind. Competitive pricing is assured, no matter the chosen service.

To arrange next day delivery for your next shipment, use our online quote tool or contact our helpful team today.

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