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Shipping to Hong Kong has never been easier! Have a look at which option suits your deliver needs. We'll find you the cheapest rate to Hong Kong!

What service is best for you? 

We offer multiple services and drop off methods. Contact us at to get the best delivery price you!  

In terms of starting off your delivery, you can drop your package off at Impact HQ, where we can pass it on to DHL.  

You can always and most popularly drop it to your local DHL Service Point, which you can find if you click here

If you can't make it to a DHL Service Point, no need to worry, we can help arrange a DHL courier to pick it up from your home or work address. 

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What do I need? 

You will need to ensure your parcel/documents are safely packaged to avoid any damage whilst in transit. Access to a printer is needed, as you will have to print your own delivery label, we supply to you. 

What are prohibited items?  

For a detailed outline of prohibited items/ imports please refer the Hong Kong Customs website, click here.

  • Aerosol cans 

  • Antiques (works of art and fine art, excessing the value of 5000 pounds) 

For a full list of Impact Express' prohibited items please click here

About Hong Kong  

Hong Kong is the fourth most densely populated country in the world, bidding home to around 7.3 million people. The country holds the highest Financial Development Index score and consistently ranking as the world's most competitive and freest economic entity. With Hong Kong being the eighth largest trading entity, we'll get it delivered.

The Services We Offer

Courier ServiceService Details
Express - Collected Delivery in 1 - 2 Days


Express - Drop Off Delivery in 2 - 3 Days 
Economy – Drop to Post Office 4-6 Days
Economy Express Collected by UK Mail Delivery in 3-4 Days 
TNT Express Collected by TNT
TNT Economy Express Collected by TNT Delivery in 3-4
DPD Classic Collected by DPD Delivery in 4 – 6 Days
Impact Express Tracked Mail Collected by Hermes Delivery in 8-15 days

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From Small Packets To Pallets – Express Courier Deliveries Worldwide

Whether you need express courier services to an international destination, or economy delivery within the UK, Impact Express can help your business save money on shipping. Book via our convenient online portal to arrange discounted delivery via our integrators' available courier services. These include popular pre noon courier delivery services from DHL.


We are pleased to be an authorised sales partner for DHL. Offering Express & Economy Select services for European & worldwide deliveries available for collection from any UK postcode or dropped into DHL depots across the country.


Express worldwide and UK overnight courier services. Special 0900 and 1200 deliveries available to many destinations. Drop off at our associate depots across the country, or choose our collected service.


Premium Express courier services, next day USA by 1030, Express to Canada, South America, Caribbean & Europe. Premium Economy Services available to USA, Canada and Europe.


Express worldwide and third country import. Full automated system, we provide labels and book collections worldwide from our UK office. Imports can be delivered to any UK address. 0900 and 1200 pre noon special delivery available.


With our intuitive portal 'Intelligent Shipper' (IS), you can easily compare the services and products on offer from Impact Express via our chosen integrators. Choosing a service is easy using our online portal.


As well as next day and Saturday courier services available, we also offer competitive same day delivery services at affordable prices. Call us for a quote today.

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