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*Service Update*

New customs regulations in Brazil require all dutiable shipments require

  • a detailed description of the goods on the commercial invoice, general description such as gifts, samples, spare parts etc.
  • Freight charges are also required on the invoice on the commercial invoice
  • The consignee CNPJ (tax ID) Number to be on the awb and invoice.

Any shipments without this information will be returned without notice back to the UK and your account will charged for the return along with any unpaid duty and tax charges.

For more information please contact customer services on 01753 683700


Shipping & Parcel Delivery to Brazil

Brazil is a popular South American destination, thats why we always offer our most competitive rates! With our selection of trusted international carriers, we will ensure your shipment arrives at its destination. We can ship your dangerous goods as we’re certified to do so. We would advise you give us a call before trying to book a dangerous goods shipment.

What service is best for you?

We can offer express delivery to Brazil as well as an economy delivery service. We are an authorised sales partners with DHL, this allows us to offer select services. We can arrange the collection of your shipment, giving you a collection slot. This will allow you to ensure you have enough time to correctly package your shipment. We can arrange a collection from personal and business addresses. Alternatively you can always drop your packaged shipment off to one of 1,200 DHL service points, which can be found here. If you’re not at your personal or business address you can drop it off to your local drop off destination.

What do you need?

You will always be required to package your own shipments, you will need your own materials for packaging. We advise you go to your local stationary shop. Access to a printer is crucial as you will need to print your own shipping labels and attach them to the shipment once packaged properly. We will supply all your shipping labels and documents via email. We have put together a comprehensive packaging guide, click here. For any advice or help feel free to call our office Monday to Friday.

What are prohibited items?

For a detailed outline of prohibited items/ imports please refer the Brazilian Customs. Such prohibited items include:

  • Designer Items (clothing, accessories etc.)
  • Fur

For a full list of Impact Express’ prohibited items please click here.

About Brazil

Covering 8.5 million square miles, Brazil is home to over 200 million people. Even with it being ranked the 5th largest country in the world, we can still deliver your goods with ease. As well as Sao Paulo being the most populated city, the country is inhabited by hundreds of animals and a vast amount of wildlife. Even with a massive population, we will do all we can to deliver!