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How expensive is international shipping?

International shipping rates vary due to a few factors. The key considerations you’ll need to think about before shipping are explored below.

Factors affecting international shipping rates

Where you are sending your shipment

The distance between your location and the destination will have a significant bearing on the cost of sending your parcel, due to the mileage the package will have to cover.

Some countries will have customs restrictions which generate large duties for both imports and exports. If the destination country is on a Restricted Countries List, there will be an additional fee added to your shipping costs.

It’s also important to note that certain countries are subject to comprehensive sanctions. This will mean that you cannot ship items there at all.

It will always be worth doing some research before preparing your parcel for dispatch. Taking a few simple steps before sending could save you time and money.

The dimensions of your parcel

The size and weight of your parcel will also influence the final cost of shipping. If you are shipping multiple parcels internationally, you will need to provide the weight and dimensions for each item. Remember to do this as accurately as possible; it will help to avoid additional costs once your shipment has been received by the courier.

Most of the time, you’ll need to measure the exact weight of your parcel (usually measured in kilograms) as well as the volumetric weight. However, some couriers just require the dimensions. They will then estimate the weight using these measurements.

If you are sending letters or documents, the process will be much simpler. Documents are not subject to duties or taxes and often won’t require you to input the size or weight details. If the documents have no monetary value, they will not need an invoice or proforma. If they do have monetary value (such as passports or cheques) then the rules will differ slightly.

Measuring the size and weight of a parcel

How quickly your shipment needs to arrive

Generally, the quicker you’d like your parcel to arrive the more it will cost you to ship.

To get cheaper international shipping, you could opt for a slower shipping option which will cost you less. However, the chance of your parcel becoming lost or damaged is higher, since the transit time will be longer.

If your shipment is time-sensitive, you could opt for next-day or same-day delivery. This will likely come at a premium, but it is much more certain that the parcel will arrive safely and on time at the destination.

International shipping rates calculator

Most courier services will provide a shipping calculator tool on their website. Once you have entered your details, you’ll receive an instant quote. This can then be used to compare prices various shipping sites.

It is important to note that a quote cannot be generated without the weight and dimensions of your parcel.

Finding a courier to meet your budget and expectations

To give your parcel the best chance of arriving safely, compare prices and shipping speeds across a variety of sites to find a reliable and affordable courier service.

At Impact Express, we are proud to be an authorised service partner for DHL. They will handle your shipment with care and attention, ensuring your parcel arrives safely at its destination.

DHL provides a trusted courier service, specialising in international and next-day delivery, with the ability to deliver to countries that other couriers do not always have access to.

Comparing international shipping rates online

If you have a time-sensitive shipment, DHL offer same-day and next-day delivery to a variety of destinations. Where immediate delivery is not possible, our service partner can guarantee a speedy and safe arrival for your parcel at its chosen destination.

To get a quote today, please provide us with the size and weight of your parcel using our instant quote generator.

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