Courier packages stacked for dispatch in delivery van

What is a courier package?

While an item sent via a courier may often be oversized, heavy or valuable, a courier ‘package’ could conceivably be anything that a sender needs to get to a recipient. However, there will be a reason for using a courier – they typically offer services other postal and parcel services cannot.

What distinguishes a courier from regular mail services?

Ordinary letter post is cheap, reliable, and efficient enough for most deliveries of letters or small parcels.

As standard postal services are not well equipped for handling abnormally sized, bulky or fragile items, using these services can become expensive if a sender has additional requirements for their delivery.

Courier packages grouped together in the form of a large pallet consignment

Courier services provide more options for sending items of large or irregular sizes. They will also be more flexible and timelier with delivery arrangements. This level of customisation makes secure, convenient parcel shipping easier and potentially less expensive when compared to a parcel service.

Businesses dispatching to clients need reliable delivery services to satisfy customers and maintain reputations. With tracking options and greater flexibility, couriers provide businesses with the quality, reliability, and expediency commercial fulfilment needs.

Services offered by couriers

Couriers usually have fewer size restrictions than parcel services and can expedite delivery. They may also offer value-added services, such as insurance for high value items.

Because of the more customised service approach and options, extra care can be taken when shipping valuable items. Their flexibility also means there is potential to reduce delivery costs, especially when shipping in bulk, or with high frequency.

Express international and domestic courier package delivery

One of the most notable advantages of using a courier is the speed at which international deliveries can be completed. Next-day delivery to the US and central Europe can open opportunities for businesses to extend their reach, providing opportunities for growth in foreign markets.

For destinations across the UK, it’s possible for a courier to complete a domestic consignment delivery overnight – to arrive before 9am or 12pm in some circumstances.

DHL van carrying an overnight courier package delivery

Flexible and tracked courier package delivery

To save the hassle of waiting for a parcel or a trip to the depot after missing an unannounced delivery, courier services can offer nominated day and sometimes even nominated time deliveries.

With the recipient able to exercise greater control over the ‘final-mile’ process, and full, real-time tracking making it easier for the recipient to determine their availability, it’s possible to agree a definitive window of time with the courier for a delivery to occur.

eCommerce shipments

Many courier services offer the convenience of secure parcel drop-off locations, or arrange for customers to have their parcels collected from business premises. Collections can save time for busy enterprises sending multiple orders or large quantities of goods.

The organisation of repeat deliveries can impact on work schedules. Some couriers offer a repeat or daily reserved delivery option for customers that need to send consistently high volumes of orders. Setting a regular delivery slot removes the work associated with rebooking delivery, freeing up time.

A smartphone displaying a map showing location of a courier package

Dangerous goods services

Unlike postal and parcel services, specialist couriers can also handle the shipment of dangerous goods, such as lithium-ion batteries or dry ice, provided their staff have the correct training and experience.

Sending a courier package with a service you can trust

When it comes to shipping and fulfilment, the needs of businesses differ in terms of volume, item size and timing. However, all businesses need to ensure that whatever they ship arrives safely and on time, wherever the destination.

Couriers offer a premium, prioritised delivery service or range of services. Opting for a courier package delivery should therefore come with the expectation of reliability, convenience, and choice.

At Impact Express we work with our trusted courier partners to provide high-quality, efficient shipping solutions.

In addition to international deliveries to more than 200 destinations, we offer express and standard shipping options including 1-day express shipping to the USA and most of western Europe.

We also provide complete end-to-end tracking for domestic and international shipments. Customers can stay updated on the progress of every shipment, instead of getting in touch with a call centre.

As a certified Dangerous Goods Carrier, we are also able to ship items across the world that other couriers and parcel services may not be equipped to handle, including lithium batteries and dry ice.

For more information or a shipping quote, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today.

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