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Shipping to United Arab Emirates

With petroleum in Abu Dhabi and a dynamic commercial and financial centre in Dubai, these days the United Arab Emirates is at the heart of a robust economy with global reach.

A thriving federation which overlooks the Persian Gulf, the UAE is as much a home to vast sandy deserts and rugged mountains as it is to luxury shopping, magnificent skyscrapers and a booming tourist industry.

We know how important a reliable and cost-effective courier can be for business success. At Impact Express, we offer a full range of competitive delivery services to the UAE. Whether you’re sending a parcel to the bustling streets of Sharjah or the sleepy oasis town of Al Ain in the south.

Shipping to United Arab Emirates: our services

Sending a parcel with Impact Express is easy. Depending on the type of account you have with us, you will either be able to drop off your parcel at a designated location, or take advantage of our collection service.

We offer a comprehensive choice of delivery services for shipping to the United Arab Emirates, including express and standard delivery, with full tracking for peace of mind.

Parcel packaging for shipping to United Arab Emirates

When sending a parcel overseas, it is important to ensure that the item properly packaged.

  • Take special care to protect the contents with internal packaging.
  • Use strong and robust packaging material for the outside.
  • Complete the label we provide and attach it to the largest side of the parcel.
  • Remember to include a return address on the label.

Map of Arabian peninsular showing UAE as a delivery destination

United Arab Emirates customs restrictions

It is essential that you check the rules regarding what you can send to the UAE, otherwise your parcel may be returned, delayed or even destroyed.

Some of the things which you are not allowed to send include:

  • tools, machineries, or devices of any kind designed for gambling
  • nylon fishing nets
  • live swine
  • used, reconditioned, and inlaid tires
  • items which contradict Islamic faith and public morals
  • paan and betel leaves

You can find a full list of goods and products we will not ship in the Restricted Items section of our website.

International shipping rates to the United Arab Emirates

The cost of shipping to the United Arab Emirates will vary depending on the service you choose and the size and weight of your parcel.

At Impact Express, we are proud to offer some of the most competitive courier rates available. Please use our online quote tool for accurate pricing. If you are sending items of value, we also offer insurance options for an additional fee.