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Shipping & Parcel Delivery to Germany

Sending goods to Germany has never been so easy! Get our quotes below and pick which service caters to your delivery needs. We promise to deliver the most affordable prices.

What service is best for you?

Drop off is as easy as finding you most local DHL Service Point, all you do is hand over your package in store! Find your DHL Service Point here. Another simple and cost-effective way to start your parcel’s journey, is to arrange a DHL courier to pick up your goods from your home or work address. If you’d like to meet us at Impact HQ just email us at , and you drop it off to us. Our trusted team of DHLTNTFedEx, and UPS couriers offer a reliable service.

What will you need?

All you’ll have to do is attach your delivery label to your package, the outer packaging. Remember you will have to print your own delivery label and archive label we email to you.

What are prohibited items?

For a detailed outline of prohibited items/ imports please refer to the German Customs Rules, click here. Such prohibited items include:

  • Jewellery, costume jewellery, watches, and objects constructed of precious metal and/or stones with a value in excess of £4,000 per waybill
  • Potential weapons
  • Shipments (in excess of £25k)
  • Tax stickers Tobacco, loose-leaf tobacco, pre-rolled cigarettes

For a full list of Impact Express’ prohibited items please click here. Please note any duties or taxes charged by customs officials must be paid by the consignee. Goods and shipments will be held by customs until the payments are made. 

About Germany

Germany is the most populous member of the European Union with 82 million residents. Its ranked the second most highly immigration destination after the United States of America. The county includes 16 constituents and covers 357,021 square kilometers. Box up your football ready for Munich or Dortmund.